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Handguns - Pistols Semi-Automatic 1911 .40 S&W For Sale Online

Semi-Automatic : Pistols & Rifles for Sale | Tombstone Tactical The Colt 1911 .40 S&W - Pistols & Ammuntion for Sale | Tombstone Tactical

We stock a wide selection of pistols from 1911's to newer striker-fired models.

In addition, we have an array of accessories for sale, such as quality holsters. With an assortment of different pistol calibers to choose from, we are confident that gun lovers will be able to find a model that appeals to them. Whether you are looking for a pistol for backpacking, a pistol for self defense, or a pistol to keep around for home defense Tombstone Tactical is the best place to buy a pistol online!

Please remember, you will need a transfer dealer if you purchase complete weapons or frames from us, as not all products can be sold in all 50 states. That said, we can send accessories and other similar items directly to you, and we can customize the majority of our products to suit your state’s restrictions.

We welcome your questions; please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Semi-Automatic 1911 .40 S&W Handguns - Pistols at Tombstone Tactical

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