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Sig Sauer STL900-WLL STL-900 Vertical Foregrip Light Laser Black

Sig Sauer STL900-WLL STL-900 Vertical Foregrip Light Laser Black for sale at Tombstone Tactical.


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Manufacturer: Sig Sauer
Part Number: STL900-WLL
UPC Number: 798681410040
Category: Lights - Weapon Lights
MSRP: $215.00
Our Price: $183.43

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Sig Sauer STL900-WLL Weapon Lights

The Sig Sauer STL900-WLL STL-900 Vertical Foregrip Light Laser Black

From the manufacturer

Sig Sauer Stoplite Vertical Foregrip Picatinny Black STL900-WLL

  • Finish/Color - Black
  • Fit - Picatinny
  • Manufacturer - Sig Sauer
  • Manufacturer part # - STL900-WLL
  • Model - Stoplite
  • Type - Vertical Foregrip

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