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Magpul MAG243-BLK PMAG 20LR Magazine .308 Win 7.62mm 20rd Black

Magpul MAG243-BLK PMAG 20LR Magazine .308 Win 7.62mm 20rd Black for sale at Tombstone Tactical.

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Chino Valley
Chino Valley
Manufacturer: Magpul
Part Number: MAG243-BLK
UPC Number: 873750001852
Category: AR-15 AR-10 - Magazines
Model: AR-10
Caliber: .308 Win 7.62x51
Action: Semi-Automatic
MSRP: $19.95
Last Price: $16.92

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Magpul MAG243-BLK AR-10 .308 Win 7.62x51 Semi-Automatic Magazines

The Magpul MAG243-BLK 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester) PMAG 20LR is a lightweight, cost effective, high reliability magazine for SR25/M110 pattern rifles featuring true 20-round capacity, constant-curve body, and snap on Impact/Dust Cover. Designed specifically for military-issue MK11/M110 rifles and mil-spec ammunition (including M118LR), the PMAG 20LR is less than half the weight of standard issue steel magazines and maintains a service life round count approximately equal to the rifle barrel itself.

From the manufacturer

Magpul Industries Mag PMAG 308 Win 762NATO 20Rd Black DPMS/SR25/LaRue OBR MAG243-BLK

  • Capacity - 20Rd
  • Finish/Color - Black
  • Fit - DPMS/SR25/LaRue OBR
  • Caliber - 308 Win
  • Caliber - 762NATO
  • Manufacturer - Magpul Industries
  • Manufacturer part # - MAG243-BLK
  • Model - PMAG
  • Type - Mag

(Also known as Part Number 430480000)

Availability: Out of Stock

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