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CMMG 11083 CMMG AR-15 Complete Upper .300 BLK 16in Black

CMMG 11083 CMMG AR-15 Complete Upper .300 BLK 16in Black for sale at Tombstone Tactical.


Manufacturer: CMMG
Part Number: 11083
UPC Number: 815835010830
Category: AR-15 AR-10 - Uppers
Model: AR-15
Caliber: .300 Blackout
Action: Semi-Automatic
MSRP: $699.00
Our Price: $580.31

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CMMG 11083 AR-15 .300 Blackout Semi-Automatic Uppers

The CMMG 11083 CMMG AR-15 Complete Upper .300 BLK 16in Black

CMMG Upper 300 AAC Blackout 16" Black M4 A2 WASP Finish - Weapons Armored Surface Protection AR Rifles Front Sight Base 30BF8C0 UPC 815835010830

  • Type of Barrel - M4
  • Barrel Length - 16
  • Chokes - A2 Brake
  • Description - WASP Finish - Weapons Armored Surface Protection
  • Finish/Color - Black
  • Fit - AR
  • Caliber - 300 AAC Blackout
  • Manufacturer - CMMG
  • Manufacturer part # - 30BF8C0
  • Sights - Front Sight Base
  • Type - Upper

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