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Boker USA

Boker USA

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Knives - Automatic from Boker USA

Part NumberProduct DescriptionPriceAvailability
01MB030DAM BOK 01MB030DAM Magnum Senior Damascus 38.22 Out of Stock

Knives - Folding Blade from Boker USA

Part NumberProduct DescriptionPriceAvailability
01BO001 BOK 01BO001 Exskelibur-I 50.59 Out of Stock
01BO002 Exskelibur II Folder 440C Stainless Drop Point Blade G-10 31.48 IN STOCK
01BO025 BOK 01BO025 Plus Titanium Blues 59.04 Out of Stock
01BO030 BOK 01BO030 Fiskmuk Bone 30.91 Out of Stock
01BO031 BOK 01BO031 Fiskmuk Stag 36.98 Out of Stock
01BO035 BOK 01BO035 Plus Anti-MC Ceramic 49.16 IN STOCK
01BO036 BOK 01BO036 Plus Anti-Grav Ceramic 52.85 Out of Stock
01BO037 BOK 01BO037 Plus Cera-Tac Ceramic 47.80 Out of Stock
01BO047 BOK 01BO047 Plus Urban Survival 28.16 Out of Stock
01BO430 BOK 01BO430 Bat Knife 36.98 IN STOCK
01BO431 BOK 01BO431 Baby Bat Knife 28.78 IN STOCK
01BO534 BOK 01BO534 JC1 29.96 Out of Stock
01BO536 BOK 01BO536 Los Banos XS 26.98 Out of Stock
01BO582 Bolker 01BO582 Los Banos Subcom Titan 33.72 Out of Stock
01BO592 BOK 01BO592 Subcom 42 Titan 39.64 Out of Stock
01BO593 BOK 01BO593 Subcom 42 Pink 23.38 Out of Stock
01BO620 BOK 01BO620 Whale 67.48 Out of Stock
01BO621 BOK 01BO621 Albatros 84.67 Out of Stock
01KAL74 BOK 01KAL74 Kalashnikov 3.5 Sidelock 31.69 Out of Stock
01KALS73 BOK 01KALS73 Kal Mini 28.52 Out of Stock
01KALS74 BOK 01KALS74 Kalashnikov 3.25 31.69 IN STOCK
01SC156 BOK 01SC156 Magnum Deep Blue 12.95 Out of Stock
110018 BOK 110018 Illumination Top Lock 102.58 IN STOCK
110117 BOK 110117 Illumination Top Lock II 88.91 Out of Stock
110135HH BOK 110135HH Folding Hunter Stag 113.44 Out of Stock
117109 BOK 117109 LE Top Lock II 52.36 IN STOCK
2004ST BOK 112004ST Lock Blade Stag 113.44 Out of Stock
2020HH BOK 112020HH Folding Hunter 2Bld Stagg 117.02 IN STOCK
2525AB BOK 1102525AB Trapper Appaloosa 47.22 Out of Stock
2626AB BOK 112626AB Copperhead Appaloosa 48.83 Out of Stock
4000 BOK 114000 Folding Hunter Stagg 130.78 Out of Stock
4474 BOK 114474 3BLD Folder Stagg 80.98 IN STOCK
4525 BOK 114525 Trapper Staghorn 80.98 IN STOCK
5464AB BOK 115464AB Congress Appaloosa 53.98 Out of Stock
7474AB BOK 117474AB Stockman Appaloosa 53.90 Out of Stock
90B BOK 110090B Gemini Black Blade 61.52 Out of Stock
BO050 BOK 01BO050 Wagner Reality PE 50.83 Out of Stock
BO053 BOK 01BO053 Wagner Reality CE 50.83 IN STOCK
BO589 BOK 01BO589 Los Banos Subcom F 29.29 Out of Stock
BO590 BOK 01BO590 Los Banos Trance 28.52 Out of Stock

Knives - Fixed Blade from Boker USA

Part NumberProduct DescriptionPriceAvailability
02BO250 BOK 02BO250 Dozier Pro Skinner 50.59 Out of Stock
02BO275 BOK 02BO275 Besh-Wedge Neck Knife 24.78 IN STOCK
02BO285 BOK 02BO285 Steelmariner 33.82 Out of Stock
02GL683 BOK 02GL683 Magnum Elk Hunter 20.27 IN STOCK
02RY688 BOK 02RY688 Magnum Elk Skinner 21.56 Out of Stock
110090X BOK 110090X Gemini Badger 68.65 IN STOCK
120543B BOK 120543B Applegate/Fairbairne Blk 154.67 IN STOCK
120587 BOK 120587 Game Hunter Fixed Blade 119.41 Out of Stock
545HH BOK 02BA545HH Arbolito Fixed Blade Stag 74.22 Out of Stock
BA5130H BOK 02BA5130H 510H/BA530H Hunter Combo 113.44 IN STOCK
BA530H BOK 02BA530H Caper Stag Handle 53.98 Out of Stock
MB160 BOK 02MB160 Mini Bo-Kri 14.63 IN STOCK
MB162 BOK 02MB162 Mini Bo-Kri Set of 3 30.12 IN STOCK

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