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AK-47/74 - Rifles products for sale

If you’re involved in the industry, you know what it means to own an AK-47. It’s safe to say that these weapons are arguably the most famous firearms out there, and for good reason. Firing a tactical AK-47 or an AK-74 compatible rifle is truly something else. In other words, AK-47 and AK-74 compatible rifles are for sale at Tombstone Tactical.

With our collection, we hope to offer a little something for everyone, with various calibers to choose from. That is why we carry 5.56mm, 7.62X39 and 5.45X39mm calibers in a ton of different styles. This way, our trained staff can help you find the rifle that’s right for you, fitting all your demands and preferences. There’s an AK-47 out there for everyone.

Of course, you can order all of our tactical AK-47s and AK-74 compatible rifles over the phone and online. As we’ve said before, Tombstone Tactical has made it a mission to ensure low, competitive prices for all of our products. It would be a shame if we didn’t include our AKs in that formula.

For more information on our tactical AK-47 and AK-74 compatible rifles, contact Tombstone Tactical today!

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